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                  Corporate Sustaining Partners

                  Corporate Sustaining Partners

                  ASAS has revamped and is relaunching its Corporate Sustaining Membership as a Sustaining Partnership in order to enhance benefits realized by corporate supporters, while increasing integration of the private sector.

                  Companies will no longer pay a separate amount to become a Corporate Sustaining Member; rather ASAS will leverage all corporate donations into a Sustaining Partners program. Sustaining Partners will receive the normal sponsorship benefits, plus the following:

                  A combined donation or sponsorship of $5,000 (meeting sponsorship, ASAS donation and/or ASAS Foundation donation) will result in the following additional benefits:

                  • Free registration at a meeting of your choice or Foundation recognition
                  • Three annual memberships
                  • ¼ page advertisement in Animal Frontiers
                  • Logo and Link on ASAS Website
                  • First opportunity to sponsor new awards or an award that does not currently have a sponsor.

                  Each additional $3,000 in total support to ASAS will result in the additional following benefits:

                  • Two weeks/4 issues of advertising in Taking Stock (ASAS’ twice weekly web-based news release)
                  • A focused Taking Stock article on Innovations within your company
                  • Two additional annual memberships
                  • One additional free meeting registration
                  • Space at ASAS Innovation Exhibition at the ASAS - CSAS Annual Meeting or a tabletop at a sectional meeting of your choice.

                  Over $20,000 in total support per year will result in all benefits above as well as the following:

                  • Free upgrades from standard page charges in JAS to open access in JAS
                  • 50% off publication charges for one article in TAS
                  • One full page color advertisement in Animal Frontiers
                  • Space at ASAS Innovation Exhibition at the ASAS - CSAS Annual Meeting and all Sectional Meetings


                  2020 Sustaining Partners

                  Elanco Animal Health

                  Global Pig Farms Inc.

                  International Ingredient Corporation

                  Kent Nutrition Group

                  Zinpro Corporation



                  Become an ASAS member

                  Membership is open to individuals, organizations, or firms interested in research and application, instruction, or extension in animal science or associated with the production, processing, marketing, or distribution of livestock and livestock products.

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