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                  In order to provide enhanced services to our members and to individuals who submit to the Journal of Animal Science, the American Society of Animal Science (ASAS) is announcing a new service called JASEdit. The service will provide three levels of review for authors and can be accessed pre- or post-submission to JAS.

                  The three levels include:

                  Formatting Service - $275
                  Authors may submit manuscripts and have freelance tech editors prepare the manuscript in JAS style and form. Following formatting, authors will have the option of reviewing and submitting the manuscript or having JAS move the formatted manuscript directly into review.

                  Technical Editing and Language Review - $450
                  This will include formatting services, technical editing and fixing associated language issues. Following this service authors will have the option of reviewing and submitting the manuscript or having JAS move the manuscript directly into review.

                  Full Technical Edit and Writing Consultation - $950
                  At this level technical editors will perform services 1 and 2 and a freelance writing consultant will evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of the article with the author via email.

                  Manuscripts that exceed 30 pages may be charged an additional charge.

                  NOTE: All manuscripts are assessed once assigned to an editor. If our editors feel that a manuscript needs an excessive amount of work after assessment, the authors will be contacted and given the option to pay for a higher level of edit.

                  Click here to access the site. Please note, you must have (or sign up for) a ScholarOne login to access the site.

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